Bespoke Music Composition – Film/TV/Commercials

Whether scoring to picture for film, TV or commercials we can find you a composer capable of delivering just the right music for your project – on time and on brief. Here are some recent examples:

Film – ‘The Patrol’ (AFG Film Ltd/Soda) 2013
Composers – James McWilliam and Nick Crofts
Listen to an excerpt – ‘S.T.A.B”

Watch the trailer

TV – ‘Love & Death In City Hall’ (Erica Starling Productions/BBC NI) 2013
Composer – Dominic De Grande
Listen to an excerpt – ‘Vide Cor Meum’

Watch a clip on iPlayer

Commercial – ‘Mobil 1 Get Personal’ 2013
Composer – Todd Roache

Music Supervision:


Popular Music Arrangements:

Artist – Mick Hucknall
Project – American Soul
Arr/Orchestrator – James McWilliam

Listen to a track


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