JULIAN SIMMONS – Producer, Engineer, Mixer, Writer

Credits include Beth Rowley / Clara Luzia / A Girl Called Eddy / The Last Detail / The Magic Gang / Eliane / The Staves / Mamas Gun / Ed Sheeran / Kimberly Anne / Carmody / Vashti Bunyan / Delaire / Fiona Brice / Albert Lee / Guillemots / Midlake / Bleech / Gemma Ray / Phenomenal Handclap Band.

Recently completed and ongoing projects: Adna (Co-write/Prod) / Damn Vandals (Prod/Eng/Mix) / Emily Roberts (Co-write/Prod) / Jess Winter (Co-write/Prod) / Album with Eliane (Co-write/Eng/Prod/Mix) / Album with A Girl Called Eddy (Eng/Prod/Mix) / Album with Beth Rowley (Co-write/Eng/Prod/Mix) / Tracks with Famille Lässig (Production/Arranging) / Tracks with Marius Bear (Co-write/Prod) / EP with Molly McCarthy (Mix) / Tracks with The Magic Gang (Eng) / Album with The Last Detail (Vocal Recording/Mix) / Album with A Girl Called Eddy (Vocal Recording/Album Mix) / Track with Liam Gallagher (Brass Recording) / Tracks with Geri Haliwell (Vocal Recording) / Track with Samuel Jack (Co-write/Prod) / Tracks with Mamas Gun (String Recording) / Album with Ben Till ((Eng/Prod/Mix) / Album with Clara Luzia (Arr/Writing/Prod) / Single with Zuzu (Eng/Co-Prod) / Tracks with Josh Savage (Co-write/Eng/Prod/Mix) / Track with Anne-Marie (Vocal Recording) / Tracks with BNQT (String Recording) / Album with My Glass World (Eng/Prod/Mix).

Labels/Management Clients Julian has worked with artists signed to majors including Sony, EMI, Universal and Warner and many of the finest independents including Anti, Bella Union, Bronze Rat, Elefant, One Little Indian, Setanta, Tummy Touch and Wrasse. He has also worked on projects for major music management companies such as ATC, Crown and Wildlife and publishers including Sony/ATV and Universal.

Studio & Equipment Info Julian has worked in many of London’s top recording studios including Konk, RAK, Abbey Road, Mayfair, Assault & Battery and Warner Music UK’s new in house facility (link). Julian’s principal base for work is DIN @ The Vicarage in North London (N8) which combines the pinnacle in front end analogue gear (Neve/API/SSL/Urei) with the convenience and speed of a highly spec’d ProTools 10 HD 4 rig. Additionally Julian also has a massive collection of vintage and modern instruments that Julian has collected over the years (email for info).

Vocal Production Having worked closely with vocalists throughout his career, Julian is renowned for his wealth of experience in this field. With more than a decade spent performing in highly accomplished choirs while still at school and a Grade 8 in singing under his belt, he has a deep understanding of technique that he has used to help countless singers – such as Ed Sheeran – in the studio. Julian utilizes these skills and his understanding of vocal arrangement, (not to mention his great collection of vocal microphones and classic microphone preamplifiers), to help singers get the very best out of their voices. Julian can often be heard taking on backing vocal duties himself where needed and has sung on albums by artists as diverse as Guillemots and the Magnets.

Musician Julian is a highly trained and experienced musician. He has a 1st. class degree in Popular Music (Leeds University), has performed on multiple North American & Pan European tours and lent his performance skills to a number of the records that he has recorded/produced. His most recent work as a live band member was as keyboard player and backing vocalist for James McCartney.

Film Credits Julian regularly collaborates with Director Tony Kaye (American History X) on ongoing projects and has produced and composed bespoke music for broadcast on stations including BBC, ITV and Channel 4. To read more about Julian’s work in music to picture go here.

Endorsements Julian is proud to endorse the following manufacturers: Ableton, Focusrite, KRK and Novation.

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