Music services for Film & TV

Whether you’re looking for a composer to score to picture, a songwriter for a theme tune or a producer for a recording session, we’d love to discuss your projects musical needs. See a few examples of previous work below and get in touch on +44 (0) 7976 290660 or email (or go here) to talk about it.

TV: “Catching Killers” (Netflix) 2022
Production Company: Raw TV
Original Music: James McWilliam
TV: ‘Our Dementia Choir with Vicky McClure‘ (BBC) S1 2019 / S2 2022
Production Company: Curve
Original Music: Fiona Brice
Film: ‘The Patrol’ (Dir. Tom Petch/Soda Pictures) 2014
Winner ‘Film of the Festival’ at Raindance 2013 (link)
Music Producers & Composers: James McWilliam & Nick Crofts
Music Supervision & Clearance: Paul Devaney
TV: ‘Our Gay Wedding – The Musical’ (Wingspan/Channel 4) 2014
Bafta nominated in 2015 for ‘Best Specialist Factual’ (link)
Winner of the 2014 Grierson Award for ‘Best Entertaining Documentary’
Composer – Ben Till | Music Producer & mixer – Julian Simmons
Film: ‘Born Of War’ (Dir. Vicky Jewson/Lionsgate UK) 2015
Music Producers & Composers: James McWilliam,  Adam & Dan Skinner // Music Supervision & Clearance: Paul Devaney
Commercial – ‘The Black Farmer – This Is My Soul’ 2016
Agency: Big Eyes London | Director: Tony Kaye
Music Producer & Composer – Julian Simmons
TV: ‘Inside The Commons’ (3 x 1 hour / BBC) 2015
Production Company: Atlantic
Music Producers & Composers: Adam & Dan Skinner
Commercial: ‘Mobil 1 Get Personal’ 2013
Agency: AMVBBDO | Sync: A&G Sync
Music Producer & Composer: Todd Roache
TV: “How To Rob A Bank” (Vice) 2019
Production Company: Antenna
Original Music: James McWilliam
TV: ‘I Was There: The Great War Interviews’ (BBC) 2014
Director: Detlef Siebert
Music Producer & Composer: Dominic De Grande
Commercial: ‘Talking2Minds – PTSD’ 2015
Client: Talking2Minds | Director: Tom Petch
Music Producer & Composer – James McWilliam
FILM: “London Symphony” 2017
Director: Alex Barrett
Production Company: Disobedient Film
Original Music: James McWilliam
Commercial: ‘Persil – Neighbours’ 2014
Agency: Big Sync | Sync: A&G Sync
Music Producer & Composer: Todd Roache
Commercial: “Europe” (IBM) 2020
Production Company: Lonely Leap
Original Music: James McWilliam
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