Cybercrime + The Indie Musician In 2012

When it comes to cybercrime in 2012, social media networks and mobile payment tech are amongst the weakest links according to a new study by Sophos. (Link here). This might not sound like much of a concern for the Apple addicted music community but the story does not stop there. As more and more businesses turn to MAC OS over windows, an increased propensity to develop Apple foxing malware is likely to become the norm for many ‘hacktivists’. This clearly represents a risk for all MAC users, but in the case of the independent musician it’s one that we would argue could be particularly acute. With more and more recordings existing solely in digital form (often on just one hard drive), the potential damage that a new wave of MAC OS focused cybercrime could do to an already drastically diminished marketplace is one that must be countered as stringently as possible.

So to all you indie musician types out there here’s the message – stay alert, stay aware and back up daily to an external HDD for *!?*^ sake!

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