‘Love and Death in City Hall’ (Music by Dominic de Grande) – nominated for 2013 Grierson Awards

If you have not yet seen the shortlists for the 2013 Grierson British Documentary Awards, check out the nominees here.

Up for best newcomer is ‘Love and Death In City Hall’ by Director Guy King (Erica Starling Productions) and with music by our very own Dominic de Grande.

Detailing the many comings and goings in Belfast City Hall, the programme first aired on BBC1 in Northern Ireland in spring of this year and was recently shown on BBC4 in the rest of the UK.

“Best documentary of the week, probably the month and very likely the year, film-maker Guy King’s criminally under publicised observational collage of events at the register office at Belfast City Hall is an example of how powerful, not to mention how poignant, television can be in the right hands. There’s no narrator, just people. Tears will fall. Worthy of every award going.” Mike Bradley, The Observer

Check out some clips from the documentary via BBC iPlayer here and read some of the press coverage on the documentary here.

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